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22 Dec 2020, 13:37
So many people are scared to use Facebook Adverts as part of their social media strategy because they get stumped at the first hurdle when you click the Create Ad button which is ‘Choose a Goal’. In this latest share, we give you a few insights and tips on how to choose the right Facebook Advert…
19 Nov 2020, 10:55
The updated Privacy Act is a response to the advent of the Internet. Experiences of instantaneous communication that breaks down distance-related barriers, of individuals coordinating efforts across the globe, and open tether for individuals business to access much of the same online technologies.…
13 Nov 2020, 15:25
Search Engine Optimisation was traditional an area owned and managed by tech people who charged a fortune to do your “SEO work”. Now SEO is all about fresh content which has pushed this area into the hands of marketers, public relations people and content or social media people.
31 Aug 2020, 15:59
We are getting into creating super affordable social media videos for our clients which are designed specifically for social media use to help boost engagement online. Find out more here...
23 Apr 2020, 13:15
While there is a clear group of Facebook haters and naysayers out there, there is really no denying the power and influence of this channel particular in the 30yrs+ audience and those with young families (thanks to all their schools and clubs being on Facebook) as well as those who have friends and…
11 Mar 2020, 13:57
In this latest blog post we look at the differences between some very popular website platforms and highlight that what you are buying is more than just a website. It is also a back-end IT system that is either going to be super easy for you to us and grow with your business or be a complete pain so…
10 Feb 2020, 16:20
People often ask for advice on running competitions on their social media platforms. While most platforms are pretty relaxed with how their users run these activities, Facebook has some pretty clear rules which they do manage to enforce when it comes to using their Facebook Adverts platform.


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