Lit Services


Strategic Services

Need a marketing plan or a digital marketing plan? Want to work out a marketing budget or social media programme? Let's help you get better results from your marketing efforts!

Our strategic planning process (for a full marketing plan or digital marketing plan) is the proven best way to ensure you are getting the best possible return on your investment, coordinating your messaging across all available channels and achieving the KPI results - as agreed before we start.

As a service provider for the Regional Business Partner programme, funding for this service may be available.


Management Services

Not ready to employ a full-time marketing manager? Or maybe you only need this level of support from time-to-time.

As your outsource marketing managers, we organise, direct and deliver all or any marketing activities you require. From taking over implementation of your marketing plan to directing your inhouse marketing team - we will make it happen and keep your business Lit!

Like any good marketing manager, we facilitate your monthly marketing meetings to review your Key Performance Indicators and continue to refine your communications activity. Keeping your marketing engaging and successful.


Social Media & Online Advertising

Ask about our Monthly Social Media Management programmes which takes hassle out of managing these channels on a day-to-day basis.

Let's work out a programme that suits your business goals and target audience. Our Pick'n'Mix Menu includes:

  • Website Maintenance & SEO - We work with Shopify, Concrete5, WordPress, SquareSpace and other custom platforms.

  • Social Media Page Management - Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business, YouTube & Instagram.
  • Email Campaigns - Using MailChimp, MailCall, Campaign Manager and others.
  • Facebook/Instagram Advertising

  • Monthly KPI Reports & Content Plans


Content Creation

Content takes the form of words (important for SEO), photos (for engagement) and video (rules all!). To be engaging online today you need content that is engaging and a good mix of all these forms!

We do all the writing and social media videos in-house plus some creative work. We then work with our creative partners for higher level creative work, photography and video production.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

How does your business rank when your target audience types in a word or search term into Google which should result in them seeing your business?

Paid adverts only work if your customers don't have ad blockers or don't use high security browsers. Paid adverts have a place in your SEO strategy but you shouldn't rely on this for ranking on Page 1.

Our SEO strategies use a combination of website content, social media content and paid content. This includes words, photos and video.

Our monthly KPI report will demonstrate the results to these efforts in driving traffic to your website, increasing your database and growing sales for your business.

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