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Social Media - It's all about being authentic

Yes, we agree! A lot of what you see on social media is BS and should be consumed ONLY as light entertainment.

Especially on the 'Gram. Maybe slightly less so on Facebook, and less so again on LinkedIn and Twitter but still, the vast majority is #FakeNews. Except when it's not. So how do we see the wood through the trees?

If you really want to be an innovator and a leader; to change things up and "flip the script" (so to speak), then here's a few ways you can increase your social authenticity without losing your audience...

Quick Disclaimer: What you do with your personal socials is up to you. We're just interested in social media for business purposes here. Read on!

Before You Post, Ask "Do I Care?"

We seem to finally be moving past volume of content and circling back into an area of quality over quantity - and about time too! It wasn't long ago when we were all being forced into posting daily to get any sort of visibility but now it is all about Engagement, and people (you and me!) will switch off pretty quickly if you're just recycling the same old content over and over again.

Before you post, aks yourself, “Do I care about this? If no one else but me were to see it, would I still want it out there in the universe?”

People Like People LIKE People

OK so this is a tricky one for many businesses but somehow, some way, we need to see the people who serve your business. We want to see and hear from the people we will be dealing with when we call, if we have any questions about your products or services... show me I can trust you!

Being authentic on social media means being confident in yourself, your brand and your business, and not worrying about how others will perceive you. And we know this can be daunting for some, because the internet can be a rough place. But the vast majority of people out there (IRL) will appreciate and support your honesty and authenticity - they love the photos of your shared morning teas, the fundraising event you did, the office junior who just got qualified... 

Your business would not survive without people so these need to be an important part of your business which also include some information about your products and services.

Demonstrate Your Core Values

Every business has a set of Core Values that guide the way you operate - if you don't then this should be STEP 1 before you even start a social media account! When you say what you mean and mean what you say, your values become transparent. How can you be truly authentic with your audience if they have no idea what you stand for? Your core values are your guide and should be apparent in everything you post and share.

Sure, you might lose a few people if your values don’t align with theirs, but guess what? That’s fine! Quality over quantity is how you want to cultivate your audience. People who come just for the pretty pictures aren’t invested and have a shorter lifespan as part of your engagement.

Post what makes you enjoy seing, humanize your brand, stay real, always keep your values at the forefront and you’ll be a winner every day of the week.


What are you hiding from anyway? As in life so too it is true on social media, YOU DO YOU! If the "you" is your business then be that 100% - people will find out soon enough if you're being honest or not. And the quickest way to lose customers is by not being honest. Authenticity wins all day, every day.

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