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When to do a Digital Marketing Plan

We LOVE a Digital Marketing Plan! They are quick to do, quick to implement and they get results - quick smart!

After all, marketing in today's environment is all about being agile. Get light on your feet, read the signs and respond. All the tools are there for us so we need to just get on and use them.

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Don't let your business get stuck in a rut! Lighten up with your marketing - be authentic, try new things, participate, engage and you will reap the rewards...

A Digital Marketing Plan is a really great way to realign or pivot your market strategies in response to a shift in the market or a change in your business. 

A good quality Digital Marketing Plan will include:

  • a review of your current platforms, including upgrade recommendations
  • recommendations on platforms that are missing from your current mix
  • a review of what your competitors are doing - well or poorly
  • a review and possible upgrade of your key messages
  • a review and realignment of your content strategy

We also cover a number of other areas specific to each client's business, industry or market. There is no a generic, one-size-fits-all approach for marketing today. And if you are offered one then that should be a red flag that you are not going to receive a personalised, tailored service that meets the unique needs of your business.

As new opportunities in your market arise, coming back to your Digital Marketing Plan and seeing how this fits or maybe where some adjustments need to be made will continue to keep you at the leading edge of your market. It will keep you on the path of sustainable success.

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