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Facebook Hashtags? LOL - It's NOT a thing!

OK so yes, you CAN actually use hashtags on Facebook, and yes, if you click on the hashtag the search function WILL present all the posts with this hashtag.

But here's the thing - Facebook is SOOOOO much more sophisticated than that and Facebook users don't actually use the search function in that way!

Also, an extra special note and BIG tip for Facebook Business Page Admins out there - we can tell when you're cheating and just using your Instagram page to replicate posts onto Facebook!

And if you think, Who cares? Then maybe social media just isn't for you. Because if you're not being authentic and if you don't really care if what you're posting is worthwhile or not, then you're just wasting everyone's time and your analytics will speak for themselves.


So you're wondering about using hashtags on Facebook?

Use of Hashtags on FB is generally seen as a joke (especially of #TheGram and #Fads). While Facebook has upgraded its functionality more recently to accommodate the use of hashtags but this is still a more simplified version than Instagram and is not as commonly used in the search tool. 

For example, to search on a hashtag word you need to type in full #TaurangaMarketingAgency in the search tool or click on the hashtag in the post (Instagram automatically adds the # in the search tool). However, if you type “Tauranga Marketing Agency into the search tool (like most people on Facebook do) then the results include everything with these words in the name and content but will NOT include any hashtags ie. It doesn’t really work. 

That is why the content in your Facebook posts is so worthwhile. Like with your Google ranking, Facebook post content will help with your ranking and findability in Facebook searches. Therefore, you are much better to rely on good use of Keywords than hashtags when you post on Facebook.

Check out this Facebook Help link for more info - it is used for your Followers to find content within your personal, business or Groups page. Except you don't actually need the # to find content because the search tool works just as well without it.

Don't forget your website Links!

Another great reason why Facebook is so awesome for your business is the use of links in posts. While you don't do this on Instagram posts and it is generally very difficult to get people off the 'gram and over to your website (we know this form years of monitoring page analytics!), links to your website in Facebook page is a brilliant way to generate traffic to your website which also helps with your Google ranking.

Website page links and external traffic to your website plus keyword rich content driving traffic to your website is a win-win-win for getting your website onto Page 1 of that keyword search.

Need help?

Click on any of the links above to call, email or pm us via any of our social media accounts, or complete the 'Let's Meet' form and we'll get back to you to discuss your social media strategy and ways to achieve your online marketing goals.

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Facebook and Instagram Followers are two very different audiences. They consume their content in a different way (more words/info vs less), they use the platform in a different way and they engage with pages/profiles in a different way. Get this right and you will get double the results. Get it wrong and you will get double the losses.

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